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Briefly, my name is Sharleen, or you may know me as Chi (that's my pen name). Besides drawing, painting, and sketching, I love to read books, watch movies, and sometimes play video games. I always love a good story, and it's because of stories that I love to create art! You could say that I'm a girly-girl, I love the color red/pink and I love kitties. I may not dress up in fancy dresses and gowns (as if I could afford it!), but I do love drawing girls in these outfits and designing them. I'm a hard worker at heart, and my stubbornness can get in the way if I don't think something is perfect or I feel like I can do better. I'm currently with the wonderful man of my dreams, and so far, life is everything that I could possibly hope it to be.
I hope you enjoy your stay here as you look around and visit my gallery!



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